Sunday, 17 May 2009

What is a semi-recumbent tandem?

A semi-recumbent tandem is a tandem bicycle with a recumbent front rider, and a normal positioned rear rider. Usually, the rear rider is the captain (steering) and the front rider is the stoker. Commercial products are the Pino by Hase and the Viewpoint made by Bilenky.

After a couple of years touring with a normal tandem and the kids (now 3 and 5) in a chariot, we need a new solution that allows our eldest to pedal and offers more space than the chariot she has outgrown. The most common solution is a trailerbike behind a conventional upright bike. There are several drawbacks:
  • the child is behind you out of view
  • the child can not do anything else when riding
  • the stability of the combination is limited, especially with full luggage
  • I do not own a proper upringt bike, so a new bike is due anyway
For us the semi-recumbent a clearly the better solution. The child is on the chair in front of you, seatbelts prevent an accidental drop, and reading or drawing while riding is not a problem.

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